How Lifestyle Cheat Codes Will Help You

Are you satisfied with your lifestyle?

I don’t mean that feeling of “everything is ok, nothing special”. I mean the feeling of being on point.

I am sure that when you think about your lifestyle, you realize that it isn’t what you really want. There’s something in your life that just isn’t right where it should be.

That’s where we come into play.

Our goal is take you at this moment of your life and bring you to that point where you think “wow! I can’t believe this is my life”.


Well, that’s our secret sauce 😉

But you can have some clues by keeping reading this page.

What’s Different About Us

If you spend some time online, you probably noticed something quite scary…

…there are tons of information, most of which are either:

  • Too vague
  • Ineffective

As a result, spending your time reading stuff online will quite often be just a waste of time.

Our vision is to break this: we’ll provide practical stuff to you. No fluff. Just real stuff from real experience in real life – ok, enough with “realness”.

If we share something with you, rest assured: you can put it into action and benefit from it.

About the Founder

My name is Mauro D’Andrea and…I was a boring person, living a boring life. No travels, loads of shitty food that I didn’t really enjoy, no girls…basically nothing, except studying and playing video games.

Saying that my lifestyle sucked is an understatement.

The boredom was just killing me inside. Every day looked the same and I didn’t know what was outside of my bubble…I didn’t know the marvels of the world that were waiting for me.

But, we all know that it never rains, it pours.

Soon……I found myself in a new city, where I knew no one…and didn’t have any social life.

And on top of that…I was broke. I was living with about $700 a month…while paying $300 a month for the rental of my room.

I decided it was time to react. And I did. Things started to get a little better, but then…

Right before my graduation, I realised that I spent years in a university which was leading to a job that I didn’t want to do – and probably an underpaid one that would suck all my time.

That was horrible.I kind of felt hopeless for a while……but then something unexpected happened to me.

Somehow…I found a solution!

It wasn’t an easy road…but I had nothing to lose.

I’ve struggled a lot……there has been a time in which I was working in two jobs while building a business on the side!

But I was determined to reach my dream lifestyle.It has been hard, but it’s worth it – every struggle is worth it.

I grew up so much during the process! I learned how to get the most out of life – even when you are in a bad time and lack resources.

And I end up building a lifestyle that exceed the expectations that I had at the beginning of my journey.

In fact, in the last 5 years alone:

  • I built a business that allows me earn up to $5238 in a month, while working about 3 hours per day
  • I’ve travelled in 4 continents
  • I ate at the best restaurant in the world (according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurant award) and tasted the best sushi in the world (according to lots of people who really have experience in sushi)
  • I’ve completed one third of my bucket list (comprising of 104 “wow” elements)
  • I met many incredible people with amazing lives

Now, it’s my time to help you to get there too.